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Twist of Fate Trilogy

Fate Hates (Book 1)

FATE hates

Of all the times to crave a man's touch, now is not it.⁣⁣
Between being handcuffed to a bed post for trespassing, and the stare down from the sexy-as-sin bodyguard sent in to find answers, I'm certain my body must be confusing fear with lust.⁣⁣
I was on a mission to find my mother's killer, not a man, but my body seems to think now is a good time to pursue its search for Mr. Right.⁣⁣
He's not Mr. Right. He's demanding, controlling, gorgeous, funny, sweet and has the voice of a rock star. I digress, he's perfect, just Mr. Wrong Timing.⁣⁣
The decision to escape was easy, leaving my heart behind was the hard part.⁣⁣
I thought it was a chance encounter until fate led me to him again. Our paths didn't just cross, they collided, leaving fragments of lies, truths, and secrets in its wake.⁣⁣
Welcome to my life.⁣⁣
Fate hates me.⁣⁣


Fate heals

Fate Heals (Book 2)

Fate has forced me down a twisted path. When I think it can’t get any worse, it reminds me that it can, pushing me into a thick, thorny maze and leaves deep, irrevocable scars.

My will to fight has taken hit after hit, that burnt-out fire leaving only embers to scorch those closest to me. My fears and demons rage inside me, destroying everything … including the man who loves me more than anything.

A hidden surprise and new danger brings Aiden back into my life, and he’s just as cocky and gorgeous as when we first met. My body jolts back to life the second we lock eyes, but I’m not ready for those sparks to fly. Can we put aside our feelings and work together to find a killer before it’s too late?

Will Fate allow me enough time to heal and glue back the pieces of my life before it decides I need more excitement? No matter what it throws my way, I’ll survive. Right?


Fate Loves

Fate Loves (Book 3)

He got down on one knee, and I said yes. Time stood still in a picture-perfect moment. I was finally going to get my happily ever after.

Funny thing about moments, the next one can change everything.

Aiden and I have spent our whole lives trying to untangle ourselves from an intricate web of truth and lies. We were almost free until the next moment happened and she changed everything.

Fate brought us together, and I know we’re meant for each other. I’m not ready to give up. She should already know that I’m a fighter and I’m ready to fight for Aiden.

He’s mine and I will get my happily ever after.

Tina Saxon

Triple shot of sexy with a splash of suspense

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