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    Fate Hates   

It's fate that lead us to each other.

It's fate that we can't be together.


When something bad happens, you never hear anyone say, “It must be fate.” But fate was to blame for me being home to witness my mother's murder. Fate paved the road my life was destined to take that tragic day. And that road led me directly to him.


We were never meant to be. Just a chance encounter with a bad boy who shocked my heart into submission.  


Until fate pushed me down that road and led me to him again. Our paths didn't just cross, they collided.


I need to fight the secrets from my past. He's just fighting for me. Can two people destined to meet survive the devastation fate set in motion?


Welcome to my life.

Fate hates me.







"If you are looking for a steamy hot romance then this is for you very well written with fantastic characters a must read can't wait for the next one."


"Intoxicating, intense and deeply seductive, Fate Hates immediately draws you into the suspenseful situation surrounding Addison, the quest for her real identity and her mysterious protector. These dramatic elements blend perfectly with an erotic romance that will knock your socks off with its intensity and heat."


"Tina Saxon spins her tale with great skill. She is able to keep the reader intrigued throughout the story and the end of the story leaves you wanting more!"


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